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PRE-PURCHASE:  $32 per foot

A thorough inspection of the hull, running gear, skin fittings, vessel systems, and material conditions will be conducted.  A hull sounding will be performed to test for any areas of weakened structure or poor construction.  All submerged metal components will be inspected for corrosion, cavitation, and dezincification.  AC and DC power systems will be energized and tested.  A sea trial is included with the price.

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VALUATION SURVEY:  $26 per foot

Nearly identical to a pre-purchase survey.  Valuation surveys are often required to obtain or renew insurance on a vessel.  A sea trial may also not be required and is therefore not included in the price.  An engine survey is not required for valuation and is only recommended for owners wishing to gain a full understanding of condition of their boat. 

ENGINE SURVEY: $250 per engine

Recommended for any pre-purchase survey.  A compression test will be performed on any gas engine, and certain diesel engines.  The survey also includes a thorough inspection of belts, hoses, lubrication and articulation points, painted surfaces, wiring, and movable components such as engine controls.  Inspection of electronically controlled engines will also contain a report detailing fault history and RPM-based operating hours (where compatible).

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Blue Haven Marine Services has partnered with Oyster Bay Marine Center to provide access to any maintenance or repair your boat may require.  With a staff of highly trained personnel and excellent customer service, Oyster Bay Marine Center has everything you need to get your season started!

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