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About Me

My career began in the United States Coast Guard.  After completing boot camp in Cape May, NJ I was immediately sent to Machinery Technician training in Virginia.  After four months I graduated as a Petty Officer and was assigned to a base in the Military Ocean Terminal of NY and NJ.  I spent the next five years supervising a team that performed repairs and maintenance on several Coast Guard vessels.  


After my first tour I decided to pursue a career in the private sector, at which point I was given an honorable discharge for my time served.  I began work the very next week at Oyster Bay Marine Center.  For the first few years I continued to expand my knowledge of marine engines, and eventually became the head mechanic at the marina.  


During my 14 years at Oyster Bay Marine Center I have learned everything I can about marine service and repair.  I have spent a good portion of time performing rigging work, fiberglass repair, electrical work, and electronics installation and troubleshooting.

After many years of hard work and dedication I was promoted to the position of General Manager.  I fulfilled that role, in addition to still operating as the head mechanic and rigger, until 2024.  I have also attained a Captains License for 25 ton vessels.  I have used this knowledge and experience to serve hundreds of satisfied customers.  Call or e-mail today!

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